My Research Philosophy

Researching is storytelling. My research philosophy prioritizes attention to nuance and detail at each stage of the story, from foundational generative understanding of where users are coming from and what their needs are, to the conflict stage of directional evaluative research, to the resolution stage that requires persuasive storytelling to get stakeholders rooting for what you claim. You could create the perfect study and collect invaluable data, but it’s the analytical and narrative skills you use to tell an engaging story about that research that makes an impact.

Accessible and inclusive design requires accessible and inclusive research. I take great care to make sure that my work will help users with different levels of ability and welcome users from diverse backgrounds and circumstances.

My portfolio demonstrates my ability to craft all stages of the research process, and the various qualitative and quantitative methods I employ to solve specific problems for diverse stakeholders. These case studies also highlight how my teaching and mentoring background bring expertise to user research.

Case Studies

Liaison program to help customers from diverse backgrounds improve transfer rates

New employee orientation training materials and accessibility guide

Perceptions of women and gender expectations in media